5G Network: Can It Cause Cancer or COVID-19?

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I went through this thread
https://www.nairaland.com/5774444/fact-check-coronavirus-caused-5g-technology by aminulive and while I appreciate what he has done, I think enough needs to be done to drive that point clearer to the Nigerian audience. However, my fear is that when scientist and health practitioners say something, most people, especially Nigerians will accept the ones coming from religious leaders.

I will try my best to explain in details what you should know about radiations.

Classifications of Radiations
They are two basic classification of radiations, they include:
1 Particle radiation: This contains charged and neutral particles
2. Electromagnetic radiation: (Photon flow. 5G belongs to this group.)

We can classify radiations according to their biological effects on matter, here, we have two types of radiations: Ionizing and non ionizing radiations.

You must have heard these two in recent times, so what is ionizing and non ionizing radiations?
a. Ionizing radiations: This means radiation have enough energy to eject one electron from the atom of the crossed material.
b. Non ionizing radiation: Particle energy is not enough to eject one electron from the atom, therefore it is said to have lower ionizing potential.

Great, let's advance further. The next question is, at what energy is a particle considered as ionizing? I won't waste much time here, so let's concentrate on 5G and their corresponding energy.

I am a graduate student of Nuclear Engineering. And in one of our course called Interaction of Radiation with Matter, we discussed everything about ionizing and non ionizing radiation.
Therefore, for tissues/matter consisting of Hydrogen, Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen (Which the human body fall under), radiations are considered as ionizing radiation if their energy is greater >> 12.4 eV (electron volt). The wavelength of such photon is 0.1um (micro meter). .

Using the relationship between energy and frequency, E = hf, I made a quick calculation and realized that the wavelength of such radiation must be 100nm (0.1um) and the frequency (Hz) is to the order of 3 x 10^15 hertz. We do know that the frequency of a 5G network (5 Giga hertz - 95 Giga hertz) and discovered that it's frequency is of the order of 10^9 hertz. which is million times lower than what is considered as ionizing. It therefore means that photons from a 5G network can never ionize the human body.

We know all these because to excite the electron from the ground state of a hydrogen atom to the first excitation state, you must have an energy of 13.6 eV. If you check the energy of a 5G wave, you will see it is approximately 0.00002 eV which is a million times lower than the fundamental energy of ionizing radiation.

Some persons have also linked it to cause cancer and the rest, this is not true. Of course there are two effects of radiations which is stochastic and deterministic effect. Deterministic effect occurs instantly and severity increases with radiation dose where as stochastic effect does not occur instantly but will take time to manifest.

Let me point out that, those who survived the Hiroshima and Nagazaki bomb blast and were followed in a study called Cohort Study, out of over 100k followed person, only about 2% died of cancer related cases which manifested about 50 years after the incident. Remember these people took many grays of highly ionizing radiations.

Whenever you take flight from a particular place to another, you have absorbed more ionizing radiations that someone living 20km from a nuclear power plant. When you take 1-9 cigarettes a day, you take same risk as someone who took a dose of 3.4Sv from a bomb blast.

To end it, 5G network is not an ionizing radiation, and poses no harm to the body, well not anyone that has been experience now. It will take many years for one to experience any such effect (Which to me is not possible). Some of us have done X-rays, if only you knew you stood against an ionizing radiation, and yet still healthy, you won't be talking about 5G network.

The words of MrPhysics [Image: grin.png] [Image: grin.png] [Image: grin.png]

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    5G Network: Can It Cause Cancer or COVID-19?
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