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This isn't an unverified rant 

This fact is borne from painstaking research and experience documented and shred here for other aspiring bachelor's 

1. Nigerian women ranked number one in terms of infidelity , wit akwa ibom being the state with the highest percentage of unfaithful women 
Google this 

2. Akwa Ibom women are the most found in church administration across Nigeria ..

3. Akwa ibom women see marriage as a burden and usually rock life with reckless abandon till their mid thirties then join a church , even get a position in church with hopes someone married their left overs as a wife 

4. Akwa ibom has the highest number of over 30 unmarried women in n Nigeria with good reason (they are the most unfaithful women in Nigeria )

5. Akwa ibom women always have the I was raped story by my uncle so I don't like sex ...this is always an excuse for why they have been sexually active for decades ahead of their pears 

6. Akwa ibom women can't be faithful , and they always have an ex boyfriend or lover they have lived in the same house with for years ... Do your findings 

7. Akwa ibom women will readily get into bed with any man they feel can better their lot. Yes you may say every woman does this but akwa ibom women will sleep with a security man for temporary benefit 

8. Akwa ibom women will have mostly men as friends but some feel women who look like they walked out of a B-rate porn move and where body slammed by a hydraulic hammer.

9. Akwa ibom women are mostly pathological liars , believe none of what she says only what you see..akwa ibom woman most have a bit friend at work (usually sales girl, or hotel job, these are their go to career paths ), akwa ibom woman will have another boy friend in there brothers neighborhood, her aunt's neighbor, her church, her second church , her street, the chemist where she buys postinol or STD drugs regularly, akwa ibom woman must have also a boy friend at all her former places of employment and her village and in any state she has spent more than 2 weeks in.

10. Akwa ibom women don't ever feel remorse , I mean real morse when they are caught in weird situations, they get angry , hostile and try to spin it all on you [Image: grin.png]

11. They have no shame to and change houses in different neighborhoods quickly because they have been slut shamed in so many places that they keep moving to a new neighborhood with a new fake persona. Look around your neighborhood, you will see they fine Akwa ibom girl who just doesn't seem like she should be there.. yep that's one 

12. They always hope to use their body to live like Tonto dike , but what they lack cerebrally just doesn't add up 

13. Akwa ibom girls are like mice they are moved by what they see, (except she is ugly) they can readily throw away an engagement if they find a guy who shows some wealth and minimal care ....boom they run and open their legs 

14 Akwa ibom girls have low self esteem generally hence they are very easy girls , they are every body's flavour of the week ! They are public property, they belong to all their ex's, friends , bosses, colleagues , male neighbors, rich agbero guy , yahoo boys in her neighborhood etc just don't get attached 

15. An Akwa ibom lady can be engaged to three guys at the same time and none would be the wiser.

16. Akwa ibom girls generally have STDs and viginal infection. They would rather buy make up , and lightening creams than take proper care of their health .

17. Akwa ibom girls are generally dumb and make friends easily with Imo , Bayelsa , Rivers and Warri girls due to these girls tending to be loose with morals too.

18 Akwa ibom exposed successful men do not marry their women only the poor ones do..with food reason too. 

19. Akwa ibom women are good if you are into fraud, crime , any negative means of income, she will ride or die and keep your secret because in that life she gets easy money , trips and shallow life style she craves for..but mind you she will end up in bed with more than few of the aquaintances she meets through you .

20. Go to any church you will find majority of over aged unmarried women are from Akwa ibom.. don't just believe me do your findings

21. 98% of them have nothing to offer a man besides sex , trivial gossip, lies, more lies, and quarrels 

22. Akwa ibom girls are only good if you want to show off you have a fine fair girl but nothing more . If you met one who is calm , deep and unassuming, wait till she finally understands whatever she is around you for, the true persona shows 

23. You can buy her a house , spend as much as you want to on her , give her everything she desires , she will still cheat , sleep around with men and tell you it's my life I can do whatever I want .. they lack true loyalty in a woman. When you are into crime she is slightly loyal only because of the free cash and outings nothing more .

24. Make her your side boo, girl friend, fiancee , best friend, whatever but never ever marry one 

25. They can't help it but an Akwa ibom woman will always cheat, before you shout , you don't believe this because you haven't found out yet ..they can't help themselves, they will cheat for money and for nothing , they will cheat for the sake of it..to an Akwa ibom woman , one man's attention is never enough..she wants it from various men it's just how they are wired.

26. In every state in Nigeria you find cheats loose ladies etc. But it's a tradition with Akwa ibom women be warned brothers 

27. Like all loose girls , akwa ibom women are homely , will come to your house and clean it on the first day , will cook for you , infact they are natural pay as you go maids but don't be deceived they do this in every guys house they visit.

I know this post will draw alot of abuse and flack but these are veritable facts 

Interview 10 random men in your neighborhood or workplace who have dated Akwa ibom girls , start from there and you will start to see a pattern. 

I am not saying all akwa ibom women are like this but 99% are and there is the odd freak of nature 1% whom just are different, maybe they where raised in Lagos or something odd 

You can't polish a turd, akwa ibom women are just who they are... Don't hate them, plough your way through as many as possible but if you are looking for a wife look else where 

I hope I saved someone today with this 

PS. Rivers State , Imo state , Bayelsa , and Abia ladies have their reputation but nothing comes close to the traditional accepted norm the cheating and unfaithful life style of akwa ibom women

Cc: farano, Rocktation

    Fact: Never Ever Marry An Akwa Ibom Lady - Romance - Nairaland
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